Roblox - first meeting with the game

Surely everyone has ever heard of games. There are many of them in the world, including the mass of their categories and the enormity of ... players. Each of them has its own opinion, as well as selected types of games. Some prefer action games, where something always happens, others prefer calm ones, in which the effect has to wait or it goes slower than in the case of dynamic games, and still others - games for the whole family or broken down by gender. Although everyone has a different taste for games, all players have one thing in common - the desire for the best graphics, characters and plot.
I also play different games. It inspired me to use this site. Recently, it is possible to write articles about games. I also have the soul of a writer and I decided to start writing on this site. So in each article I will try to present one game and explain why it is worth playing it. I will give both the pros and cons of the game, and give it a rating.

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Description and presentation of the game

Roblox, because that is the name of the first game of my choice, is of the MMORPG type with cartoon graphics. We play the role of a character we can dress and add her details or even animation. This is a game with minigames, where everyone will surely find something for themselves. Starting from simulators and tycoons, through parkoures (called obby in the game), to games with a "story", that is, with the gameplay outlined earlier.

Why should you play Roblox?

The first and most general arguments are fun and learning in one. The game gives a lot of entertainment through its variety of mini games and also teaches language. The main one is English, but for the needs of the player there are also different ones to choose from. The game develops imagination, also spatial, thanks to such games as, for example, "Welcome to Bloxburg" and, in some cases, teaches patience in pursuit of the chosen goal. It is also possible to create your own game or clothes on the "Roblox Studio" website.

What are the cons?

The only minuses of this game are robuxy, i.e. the in-game currency and the Builders Club.
Robuxy must be bought for real cash, as in many games. However, I think that a game created especially for young people should not "extort" money from these players.
The Builders Club is a club for which you also have to pay. Creating and joining groups is available in the game, but you must have a club to do this.


In my opinion, Roblox is the perfect game for those who want to improve their language, learn new things and ensure their entertainment. If you have cash, you can make this game easier, but nothing prevents you from playing it for free, without upgrades or additional things that you may not need.